Impregnating wax
The special MONTANA impregnating wax improves the gilding properties and prevents snow clumping on climbing skins. It can also be ironed on to plush and be used to wax the ski bases.
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The MONTANA adhesive repairs small signs of wear on the adhesive surface of well-used climbing skins.
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Transfer tape
The MONTANA transfer tape can be used to re-glue the adhesive surface of climbing skins when they are soiled or are no longer sufficiently adhesive.
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Protection net
The MONTANA protection net protects the adhesive surface from soiling and drying out and thereby enables the correct, long-term storage of climbing skins.
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The MONTANA SKINNY enables fast and easy storage of the climbing skins when on the mountain. It simplifies the attachment and removal of the skins and protects the adhesive surface from soiling.
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Win The Race is a non-toxic & environmentally friendly glide spray for gliding surfaces of your winter sport equipment.
Only to be used on the plush side of the climbing skins to improve the gliding properties.
If used for the base of touring skis, it reduces significantly the bond properties of climbing skins and the base needs to be cleaned with wax remover before applying the climbing skins.
- Non-toxic & environmentally friendly
- Odorless, colorless, clear
- No fluorine additive
- Multi functional from +8°C to -30°C
- Super hydrophobic — extremely water repellent
- Impregnates ski — protects against rust and corrosion
- For all snow conditions
- Easy and fast application
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Non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
Now that Fluoro products are about to be completely banned, Montana Win the Race is the best product on the market for skins in variable and wet conditions !
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Glue renew
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