MONTANA Climbing Skins

PU-based climbing skins adhesive.
Holds under the coldest conditions.
New water-repellent technology.
CUT & GO Easy Self Trim Skins
The fastest and easiest climbing skins cutting solution for skis and splitboards.
Residue free skis, skins & hands.
No protective covering required.

CUT & GO for Ski and Splitboard

The quickest and easiest cutting solution for skis and splitboards. The required attachments at the front and the back are pre-mounted. No issues with damaging the glue or with cutting knifes stuck in glue. We simply have the BEST cutting solution on the market !

> CUT & GO sets Tip and Tail PRE attached. Cut width.
> Cut your Skins sets Tip PRE attached / Tail SELF attached. Cut width.
> SELF cut Reel material Tip and Tail SELF attached. Cut width.
> PRE cut Customized Skins Tip and Tail PRE attached. Waist fitted.
> Trim instructions How to trim Climbing Skins in a few minutes...  

Success story. Climbing skins in field and laboratory tests

Find out why MONTANA CLIMBING SKINS are "the best climbing skins among the tested".
Seven popular climbing skins were tested in the terrain, on the ski jump and in the laboratory.
"...On old snow, the Pomoca skin would already slip at 33 degrees, the Montana Montamix Zebra would bring it here on a mad gradient of up to 50 degrees..."
Read the story [1.069 KB]

PRO mountain guides skins review ADRENALINE FUSIONTEC MONTAMIX

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