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(Jim Moore Owner/guide North Shore Adventures Crystal Bay, Nevada / Feb. 2021)
I got a chance to try them out in different conditions during my "research" of a few different aspects and zones and was pleasantly surprised. They were put to the test in a variety of snow conditions from powder to melt/freeze to windpack to sastrugi and were up to the test through multiple transitions. The glide was fine and the grip was fantastic, even on a too steep, too icy skin track. The ease of use was impressive, from cutting them to size to the unique tip connection that even has one of my initials on it. I'll be able to interchange them from ski to ski with 3 different sizes in my quiver. One problem I have here in the Sierra is "glopping" as the sun warms the snow, but there was not a moment when snow stuck to the skins, which is a big plus over other brands I use. The next question will be durability, but I'll be using them and recommending the product as my everyday skin for the rest of the season so we'll find out soon enough.


(Ben Zavora Beartooth Powder Guides, Cooke City, Montana / Jan. 2021)
I have used the new ADRENELINE FUSIONTEC skins on about 10 days out in the mountains. I love the tip and tail kit, the glide and climbing of the skin is great as well. I have used them on several days where I did 5-7 laps/skin change overs and they have worked great and adhearing to the skis was never an issue, they stuck to the skis the same in the morning as the last climb of the day.
They did not curl on the edges, which is often a problem for glued skins. I love the weight of them and have been pleasantly surprised at how great the glueless technology works. A matter a fact, I have had several days out with clients and friends that have regular glued skins where we have had to service the skin to clear snow and make them stick better to get through the day and the new ADRENELINE FUSIONTEC skins have never had any issues.


(Thomas Hartmann spring 2020)
... In all these years I have never had a skin with this climbing ability. Touring late spring, I could easily climb straight up the valley gutters, that said, without a kick turn. All the other skiers... unfortunately not... ;-)
... I never had any fear of losing my climbing skins, no matter how cold it was, how wet it was or how often I put the climbing skins back on... just great!
... the glue performance is simply awesome.
... I was totally blown away by washing the climbing skin adhesion. Once on a snowless summit, my skin with the adhesive surface, flew straight into the grass and was covered in residue. Usually the death for climbing skins glue. Not this time... washed briefly at home ... like new ... an evolution!
... the Montana Mix ADRENALINE glueless skins will be the only skins under my skis this winter.

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New glueless & washable ADRENALINE FUSIONTEC adhesion

The glueless and washable climbing skins offer a revolutionary hold even in extremly cold conditions.

FUSIONTEC is the groundbreaking skin coating from MONTANA, which was presented for the first time at ISPO 2020 in Munich. This innovative and ingenious product sets new standards in terms of adhesive properties and handling. At market launch, the new FUSIONTEC ADRENALINE adhesion skins will become available in proven MONTAMIX quality and offer a very special snow sporting experience for ski tourers of all kinds.

Advantages of FUSIONTEC
- Revolutionary glueless adhesive.
- Quick and easy application of the climbing skins.
- Cold weather resistant and residue free.
- Washable without loss of adhesiveness.
- No protective covering required.
- Revolutionary Adhesion-to-Plush Rollup handling.

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MONTANA Fusiontec Skins at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 with Andre and Engearment com
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